Sunday, 7 February 2010

John Dalli EU Commissioner CV Discrepancies

This is an analysis of John Dalli’s CV that was published prior to his nomination as EU Commissioner. It highlights the discrepancies of this document. Below in my pictures is a copy of a file published by the European Movement on the web. In my pictures there is also an enhanced CV for comparison purposes.

The document published by the European Movement must have had John Dalli’s approval prior to publishing. In it there are some very serious inaccuracies. In the professional career section it states that between 1970 – 1995 he was a lawyer at the World Bank in Washington DC.

John Dalli never qualified as a lawyer as required when holding such a responsible position. If he had, he would place the relevant degree letters after his name as he does with his other qualifications. However, he does not state that some of the qualifications he gained are honorary and have been acquired because of his ACCA certificate. He gained his ACCA qualification through a correspondence course in his youth.

It is physically impossible to hold such a position in Washington D.C when during the same period (1970 – 1995) according to the same document he was employed at the Malta Dry Docks as Commercial Apprentice, Financial Controller Blue Bell Malta Ltd., Manager of IT Development project Blue Bell Europe and Management Consultant. Thereafter he was Parliamentary Secretary for Industry, Minister for Economy and Finance Minister.

In this document it is also stated that English is his mother tongue. This is not correct, it is his second language. Furthermore neither of his parents could speak fluent English. A person can make such a statement when a language is spoken from birth. Maltese people of Dalli’s age started to learn English at primary school at six years of age.

Why would anyone want to give such inaccurate information and mislead the EU Commission and the MEP’s? (Visit link .European Movement CV ). Liars like Commissioner John Dalli do not impress anyone. This plonker is a compulsive liar, so much so, he committed perjury on the day he gave witness when he falsely and maliciously accused Joseph Ellul-Grech of sending 20, 000 anonymous letters claiming to defame him. In the letters that were sent there was a copy of Commissioner Dalli’s off shore bank statement (see picture in my pictures below) together with a covering letter and a copy of a newspaper page with Dalli’s declaration of interests. In his witness Commissioner Dalli confirmed that this undeclared off shore account was his. Dalli knew from the out set that Ellul-Grech was innocent. After a 3 year 11 months 15 days investigation by the police and many court appearances Joseph Ellul-Grech was acquitted of all charges.

When presented with such inaccurate and false claims on a CV (briefing note) any serious professional body will investigate holding the nominee or applicant accountable and reject their appointment accordingly.Below is a detailed account of John Dalli’s career. 

Although Prime Ministers appoint Commissioners to Brussels the Commission should ensure that all appointees are thoroughly checked prior to briefing. Accepting nominees like John Dalli that make false claims regarding their professional and political career can only encourage corruption. No wonder most EU citizens have no confidence in the EU Commission and regard it with contempt and lack of support. It is possible that is why voting in EU elections is becoming less important to the general public.

Below is an enhanced CV of John Dalli EU Commissioner with discrepancies including details of scandals relating to his political and professional career.
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